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The Netherlands has traditionally been a nation of entrepreneurs, from avid seafaring explorers and ambitious traders to artists - as Van Gogh - and significant designers. If you thought tulips and cheese were the top Dutch export products, think again! The Netherlands is also known for its daring cutting-edge design. Having had the pleasure of working with hoteliers and hotel chains in more than 60 countries, we understand the demand from a design as well as from a functional perspective.

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Our product warehouse measures nearly 1100m², providing a total storage capacity of 880 pallets. In addition to serving production, distribution and sales, we also register and store this amount of products as well as safeguarding its quality and quantity. Our own production lines, which secure quality as well as flexibility, are continuously expanded.

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We deliver products that have been ordered at the right time and place in a cost-effective way and to the satisfaction of our customers. Our warehouse, dispatch, distribution, purchase, logistics and fleet teams work together in order to meet our targets. Delivery to all corners of the globe ensures your items get to their destination on time

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Design Dutch & Inhouse

From intensive dialog with interior designers and hotels we continuously develop new and customized products. We gather, research, and develop new materials, elements and styles on a daily basis. Inspiration and creativity lead us to the development of products full of character. We work with specialists who are driven by passion to ensure a certain level of quality and eye for detail. This allows you to focus on the pure esthetics of the product.

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We believe that great design stands the test of time. It is essential that a given product can last and stay relevant for a longer period- in terms of style and the design itself, and in terms of material, craftmanship, and quality. Wherever a request comes from, worldwide, our customers will always find a ambitious team ready to process it. After all, we want customers to remain pleased with our products over the long term and continue to derive satisfaction from them.

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