Our items can be playfully combined and give our customers the possibility to realize their own ideas to create individual one-off pieces.

We believe that great design stands the test of time. It is essential that a given product can last and stay relevant for a longer period- in terms of style and the design itself, and in terms of material, craftmanship, and quality. In our view, design is not supposed to be only decorative and pleasing to the eye, it also has to work in people’s lives.  The new vibrant designs, available in a diversified range of colors and materials, are the perfect fit even eyecatcher for your individual room interior.

It's passion

that led us here

You would like to change an on-stock-article due to the hotel requirement? Or you would like us to come up with ideas and proposals matching to the room design? Need some inspiration?

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Based on the requirements of the hotel we will come up with several proposals. Materials we use are PU leather, wood, acrylic, resin and stainless steel.

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Crown combines real craftsmanship with the latest trends and technologies. We gather, research, and develop new materials, elements and styles on a daily basis. In-spiration and creativity lead us to the development of products full of character. Pushing the boundaries of what is technically and aes-thetically possible. We make ideas possible to suit your vision and style. We work with specialists who are driven by passion to ensure a certain level of quality and eye for detail. This allows you to focus on the pure esthetics of the product. Working with the best materials, finishes, and manufactu-ring processes gives the trust of our expertise.

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